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With BDInfo, you can extract audio and video specifications from your Blu-Ray files to have an extensive library of these data on your computer.

If you want to learn more about the Blu-Ray discs in your collection, then you can use BDInfo. This application will help you recognize the specifications and the contents on your Blu-Ray disc, such as playlist contents, disc size, stream codecs, and much more.

It’s a complete tool that will provide you with more information than you need.

Get Information About Blu-Ray Discs

Today, Blu-Rays are enjoying more and more popularity. They’re faster than normal discs and have much more space, allowing you to see videos and movies in much higher quality. Also, the sound has superior quality.

More and more users will also need the specifications about their Blu-ray discs, which is where this tool shines through.

It will provide you with all the key information you need about your discs. You’ll be able to collect info such as estimated size, playlist information, codec bitrates, disc size, and other important details.

You can also calculate the estimated backup size if you want to create a backup of your BluRay on your computer.

Get Detailed Reports

BDInfo will actively scan a Blu-ray disc and collect as much information as possible. Once it manages to get enough information, it will generate a report. In this report, you’ll see all the specifications mentioned above, although you can customize and tailor the scans to your needs.

If you need a quick scan and get the results quickly, you can opt for the text report, which will give you the basic information, although the scans will be made much faster.

These reports are as complete as you want or as quickly as you want – your choice.


BDInfo is a tool that will help you scan your Blu-Ray discs and get advanced reports and information about the discs. It will automatically create reports where you’ll see all the info you need.

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