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When you work with videos, you need the right tools which can do the job well. Therefore, it is crucial to make use of some applications such as StaxRIP because it offers you a lot of features which you may find useful.

If you usually have to edit videos, you probably needed to turn a DVD in various other formats. For example if you want to watch a movie on your iPhone, this software will help you convert the DVD.

All you have to do is to unzip the archive using WinRAR and run the executable file. StaxRIP is also great for applying image filters, and it also offers the user the possibility to select the wanted quality level.

Movies can be easily ripped from a lot of sources, and this tool even lets the user save his project and start working on it later.

It has an easy to understand interface and supports multiple video encoding formats like MPEG-4 like XviD, x264/H264/AVC, x265/H265/HEVC, VP9.

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