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If you are looking for an application to analyze the Avisynth scripts and gauging the performance of the CPU and GPU of your computer, then this tool is the one you need. AVSMeter provides you with all the relevant information related to Avisynth files, including the version of the file, plug-in information, functions, and the configuration.

This application works with the command line features only, so you need to have at least a little knowledge about working on the command line. It has been designed to provide you update about the resource usage while executing the script.  Length, width, and height of frame rate are some of the default settings that you can see. You can even set these dimensions on your own, depending upon your needs.  Additionally, tracking the memory of your computer and usage of CPU, while your computer is working on the scripts, is also possible.

Similarly, GPU usage can also be analyzed with AVSMeter to give you a better idea about the performance of your system.

AVSMeter is an application to measure the performance of your system while analyzing the Avisynth files. It helps in better optimization of the scripts.

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