System Utilities

Date added: August 31st, 2020 - (Free)

Bootice allows you to edit your computer’s MBR and PBR settings of your drives, which you will achieve through various built-in tools, such as partition […]

Date added: November 28th, 2022 - (Free)

CrystalDiskInfo was developed to meet the requirements of hardware enthusiasts around the world. The developer created a tool that tells you almost everything there is […]

Date added: June 7th, 2021 - (Free)

Suppose you have an AMD video graphics card. In that case, you can use the AMD Driver Autodetect application to help you detect new updates […]

Date added: October 20th, 2022 - (Free)

With FastCopy, you’ll be able to move or copy files from one location to another quickly, synchronize files in different locations, delete them in batches, […]

Date added: December 2nd, 2018 - (Free)

NVIDIA Control Panel can help you to set up your Nvidia in a simple manner and to take advantage of the “hidden” features of the […]

Date added: November 17th, 2022 - (Free)

HotKey Resolution Changer is a handy tool for people working with multiple monitors. We know that always is a problem with resolutions, and it’s not […]

Date added: November 1st, 2022 - (Free)

Do you have Intel hardware? Then you can keep them up to date with Intel Driver & Support Assistant, which is meant to help you […]

Date added: December 25th, 2018 - (Free)

System Explorer was developed with the purpose of helping users like you stay in control of the computer. And by control we mean everything that […]

Date added: November 7th, 2022 - (Free)

MSI Mystic Light lets you control your Windows PC’s lighting settings, including motherboard lighting, graphic card lighting, and PC case lighting. Today, many buy computer […]

Date added: January 7th, 2020 - (Free)

Clover EFI Bootloader is a custom bootloader which will enable you to customize without any effort your operating system`s appearance and also improve the performance […]

Date added: April 20th, 2022 - (Free)

For the users who want their computer themes to be set up for the day and night, this application can perform this function automatically. Auto […]

Date added: July 21st, 2022 - (Free)

Speccy is your insider into the computer’s hardware. The intuitive graphic user interface will present you after installation with a summary and the options to […]

Date added: October 5th, 2021 - (Free)

Eraser is the tool to use when you need to permanently delete files from the computer. And by permanently we mean that this software not […]

Date added: January 25th, 2021 - (Free)

An alternative to Windows Task Manager is Task Killer. You can expect the activities performed through the Windows Task Manager to be managed in a […]

Date added: September 29th, 2021 - (Free)

Reduce Memory is an excellent utility that optimizes the RAM usage on your computer if the user has Windows Administrator privileges. The application frees the […]