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May 12th, 2021 - Free - 100% Safe
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Keeping your storage safe is now easier with USB Disk Security, which will take care of your computer’s security and your USB drive by disabling malicious software from getting onto your drive and your computer.

USB drives are still among the most common ways for people use to transfer files and easily share files with others.

However, there is also a danger with using USB drives, especially when adding files that might include malware. That’s when you don’t know what you’re putting onto your drive.

To manage and keep your USB drives as safe as possible, you can use USB Disk Security. With this application, you will protect your computer from potential malware that might come on a USB drive. It will also protect your data by keeping spyware out and other potential programs and harmful files looking to exploit you.

Keep USB Storage Safe

The main purpose of this application is to constantly monitor your USB drives and the files you put onto the drive.

It features a strong and powerful detection technique that will enable you to spot and delete malware even before it enters your computer. It has huge importance, especially if you tend to use USB sticks often.

Get Notifications About Threats

Every time your application detects something that might be harmful to your computer, it will leave you a warning.

It will help you open your USB safely and help you see which files are causing the problems so that you can remove them with ease. If there is any reason for the app to be concerned, it will label a file as “risky”.

You can also scan your drive before you use it on your computer, which can be useful before making sure that you don’t copy any of the files to your computer just yet.


USB Disk Security is a smart app that you can use to detect malware on your USB drive and ensure a better level of protection.

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