Date added: March 4th, 2021 - (Free)

InputMapper allows you to create a customized mapping that you can use for input and output devices for your games. You can map out several […]

Date added: October 7th, 2020 - (Free)

PCSX Reloaded is a fan-favorite Playstation emulator that allows computer users to experience playing some Playstation-only titles on their computers. Even if you’re a PC […]

Date added: January 14th, 2021 - (Free)

Mednafen is an application that allows you to emulate multiple systems. It requires a command-line format for data input. Mednafen uses OpenGL and SDL to […]

Date added: January 14th, 2021 - (Free)

Do you have a Super Nintendo Mini? You can then use Hakchi2, a simple tool that will help you install ROMs quickly and painlessly on […]

Date added: September 3rd, 2021 - (Free)

Mupen64Plus is a neat and user-friendly N64 emulator that will enable you to load ROMs onto your computer and play the games on your computer […]

Date added: October 2nd, 2020 - (Free)

PPJoy is a joystick emulator for Windows that helps you use your favorite gamepads for your computer games. Sometimes, when you play computer games, you […]

Date added: April 14th, 2021 - (Free)

MotioninJoy is a simple and effective application that will enable you to use a PS3 controller on your computer, whether for playing games or other […]

Date added: August 9th, 2021 - (Free)

Voobly is one of the most popular platforms that allow you to play multiplayer games with other people from all over the world and helps […]

Date added: October 21st, 2020 - (Free)

If you are a fan of Pokemon, then you should try Pokemon Generations because it is a game that you can use right away. This […]

Date added: December 14th, 2020 - (Free)

Do you have an Xbox360? Then you can control all of your games straight from your computer using Modio, an application that helps you save […]

Date added: December 26th, 2020 - (Free)

BetterDiscord lets you enhance your Discord experience as it provides you with some additional functionalities for chatting, such as emotes, plugins, and additional themes. Discord […]

Date added: September 7th, 2021 - (Free)

Ubisoft Connect (Uplay) is an application where you will be able to access all of your Ubisoft games, get the latest game-related news, buy and […]

Date added: April 5th, 2019 - (Free)

This application is designed for gamers to give them a better and real-time look for the games that they are playing. NVIDIA PhysX allows you […]

Date added: November 22nd, 2020 - (Free)

Want to play your favorite Nintendo64 games? Then you can use Project64, a Nintendo emulator that will allow you to play some of the most […]

Date added: May 13th, 2021 - (Free)

GDevelop is a game engine that you can use to craft great 2D games, as it offers an impressive array of options that you can […]