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MotioninJoy will let you use the PlayStation 3 controller on Windows PC. It is known as an easy to use application which will allow you to use the controller, and this means that it will be possible to control all of your desired PlayStation games directly from your computer.

The best thing about this tool is the fact that it is going to be available to be downloaded for free and you will see that it won`t require you to have any high-end prerequisites. You will only have to make use of a standard USB cable to connect your PlayStation 3 controller once the drivers have been installed to your PC and you will manage to use this controller to play any game.

It is easy to install this tool on your PC, and the only thing you will be required to do will be to connect the PS3 controller and have the drivers installed. If you already have a PS3, then you probably have the controller too, and you just wanted to play different PC games by taking advantage of this controller.

Thanks to MotioninJoy, you can do that because it is a simple to use tool that will make your PC gaming experience better. It will only take two minutes for this tool to complete installation and this means that you won`t have to wait for an extended period until it will be possible to play any wanted game with it.

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