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Dekaron is a gaming application that can involve you so much that you won’t remember your surroundings. It does not work the same way as the other stereotypical games based on specific characters and specialized powers. This application is unique and brings unique twists to the game, which can make you addicted.

However, if you wonder whether this game is gender-specific or shows character visualization for your ease, then you’ll be disappointed that no such characterization exists in it. Instead, this is the real fun of the game.

This game is based on classes. Each class has its significance and weapons too. Depending on your class and other specific abilities, you can play the game and expect the changes to occur.

The combat feature of the game is so easy to manage that after attacking an enemy for once, you can hit it, knock it, and repeat the process to lower your frustration, which you might have gotten from the real world. However, this feature is also limited to certain attacks only. You can be attacked by the other players of the game quite easily.

If killing monsters is the game you like, then Dekaron is definitely for you. With various features, you can manage to survive and win the world of monsters.

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