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If you like playing old-school games from the Super Nintendo Environment System, then Snes9x will provide you with an easy way of doing that, as it is an emulator for that system.

Super Nintendo Environment System, or SNES, remains in the hearts of many gamers. That platform has seen many games that gamers still hold dear to their hearts, which is why many people are going back to those games and are still playing them. It is possible nowadays with the many emulators on the market.

One of them is Snes9x. It is an emulator for SNES that will enable you to play all the games from SNES, or Super Famicon Nintendo, straight on your computer with Windows.

You can play the games using your keyboard and mouse, as you’ll be able to configure several aspects of your play.

Play Old-School SNES Games

In short, it is designed to provide you with an easy way of playing the old-school games developed for SNES on your Windows system.

It acts as an emulator, enabling you to play almost any game from that era, as long as you have the ROM file that will allow you to play the game.

The emulator supports the use of keyboards and mice that many people own, giving you the possibility of playing the old-school Nintendo games on your Windows system with ease. It’s quite easy to set it all up, as well.

Configurations and Set-Up

Before you start playing, you’ll be able to use many different configurations inside the app. You’ll be able to configure several aspects such as the input devices like mouse and keyboard.

At the same time, you’ll be able to configure sound and video for the games, which will let you play the games with freedom and the right configurations for your exact system.


To conclude, Snes9x is a complete emulator for playing old-school Nintendo games that were developed for SNES.

It’s easy to configure, and it provides support for all types of games for Nintendo, especially the older games.

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