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JoyKeyMapper helps you tie your joystick and keyboard together to enjoy your favorite apps and games with a joystick instead of other input types.

If you’re a gamer, you’ve almost certainly encountered a situation where a joystick is much more appropriate to use than your keyboard.

Some of these applications might not even allow you to use a keyboard. And if you crave to play that game but can’t, you can use an application like JoyKeyMapper.

This application will help you play games that need joysticks only with your keyboard. It does that by “tricking” your PC into thinking that you’re playing the game with a controller, but in reality, you’re using your keyboard with this application installed.

Access a Huge Library of Games

Many games allow you only to use a controller. In that case, you’ll need a solution that lets you play the game with your keyboard, especially if you only have the keyboard and don’t have a controller.

Perhaps you’ve gotten used to the mouse and keyboard so much that you don’t want to use the controller. Or the game is just constructed so that it only supports the controller.

Many emulators are available, but we know those don’t always do a great job translating the game to your computer.

Note that you’ll still have to connect a joystick if you want to use this application. However, the application will render your keyboard controls and make them seem like they’re coming from the joystick when playing the game with your keyboard.

Use Your Keyboard

The application allows you to use your keyboard to play some of your favorite games instead of the controller.

That’s helpful to those who have gotten used to the keyboard over the years.


JoyKeyMapper is a great application that lets you play games with your keyboard instead of using the controller or joystick.

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