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August 28th, 2018 - Free - 100% Safe
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Steam Mover is a portable and also a lightweight tool which is used for changing the location of Steam apps files. When the HDD runs out of space, this tool can turn out to be in great handy because it will create junction points easier. It will be pretty simple for the user to use this tool to move the Steam files to other locations if your hard drive is running out of space. It is pretty simple to work with this tool due to the intuitive interface.

You will see that it will allow you to drop the EXE file in any location on the hard disk. This tool can also be saved to a USB flash disk or similar storage units, and you will see that it will run on any machine with a minimum of effort. Another important thing when it comes to this tool is the fact that it won`t leave any entries or leftover files and this means that if you want to delete this tool, it will be possible to remove it fast.

It will be packed in a regular window with a simple structure, and it will be easy to point out the Steam apps common folder along with the new location you want to send them. The tool can be asked to perform all of the desired tasks automatically, and it will also be possible to modify command lines with ease.

Steam Mover won`t take you any system resources, and it will be using a low amount of RAM and CPU, and this means that this tool will work fast and it won`t interfere with the things you are doing on your device. It will also have a good time response to commands, and it will carry out a task in no time.

Steam Mover will work without any issues and won`t show you any error messages. It will deliver you a simple solution to relocating Steam app files.

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