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For the players of Minecraft, Amidst provides detailed features of the map based on the seed to help them in revealing the exact location of villages, tows, and ocean areas.

You can find new locations based on seed, explore the existing location if you are already playing Minecraft. It can help you in saving time, as you won’t have to look through biomes in finding the specific place or figuring out the surroundings of an area to get the hold of the way to your home.

It works with an unmodded profile on Minecraft. You can specify a seed number or can look for a random seed just by installing this application and getting it to work. With this application, you can have access to particular regions like villages, find color-coded areas and check out the spawn point. Highlighting of different biomes and zoom-in zoom out functions are also available in this application. Getting a screenshot of the game is also possible through this utility.

However, there are certain limitations. You cannot generate the location for the individual mods. Additionally, loading the game after the application of mods will not be shownt. So, to use it, you’ll have to go for an unmodded game.

Amidst allows the users to understand the world map and biomes for general understanding and for playing Minecraft World.

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