Sumotori Dreams

December 12th, 2018 - Demo - 100% Safe
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A unique game idea that is based on sumo wrestling techniques but involves robots instead of sumo wrestlers is portrayed through Sumotori Dreams.

The focal point of the game is to get your opponent knockdown based on the sumo wrestling tactics before your avatar gets to the ground. However, the clumsy and robotic touch that has been used in the game makes the entire process a bit slower than you can expect, especially in comparison to the other sumo wrestling games available.

The relevant background music and efficient point counting on every knock are some of the prominent features that the game provides.

The size of Sumotori Dreams is just few kilobytes, so you can get it on your computer without worrying about its core size and other specifications. The availability of two player mode creates an opportunity to beat your friends by showing your exceptional gaming skills.

It is not one of the tough games that you can expect in this modern digital environment, but it is one of the attention seeking game that can give you real fun.

Sumotori Dreams is a sumo wrestling game of robots that allows double player mode and is tiny to give everyone an opportunity to play this game.

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