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SteamIDFinder is a simple and lightweight tool with one purpose: find all the ID numbers of the people who have accessed Steam and their accounts from your computer.

If you’re an administrator of a system, then knowing the Steam ID numbers might be useful for many reasons.

It might enable you to ban people on your computer or set up restrictions for users that might be violating the rules.

To help you with that, you can use SteamIDFinder, which will help you find Steam ID numbers of all people who have accessed Steam from your computer.

Good for Admin Purposes

The main reason many people use this application is for administration purposes. For instance, it’s a neat application to own if you need to find Steam ID numbers of people violating the rules. It might even be helpful if you run a competitive league where you need to verify rosters by using their Steam ID numbers.

There are several reasons people use this application, and you can set the application up very quickly.

Getting ID numbers is a quick process since you’ll only need to run the application on your computer, and it will automatically find the ID numbers of all the users who have logged in to their Steam account on your PC.

Lightweight and Simple

The whole design and premise of this application are very simple. The main purpose is for getting those ID numbers, so the interface, as expected, will be minimal.

It has a plain and simple interface where you’ll be able to view all the numbers of the users that have connected to their accounts on your computer.

The app is also lightweight because you’ll be able to run it from your USB or directly from your drive with no fuss. You’ll also be able to copy the ID numbers to the clipboard and store them on your computer if you wish.


SteamIDFinder is a simple and lightweight app that enables you to find the ID numbers of Steam accounts for people who have logged in on your computer.

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