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If you aren’t sure about your gamer friends’ online presence, you might like to use this application for tracking and getting in touch with them.

Xfire does not require a specific game, platform, or an operating system to work; instead, it works everywhere and can help you in keeping a tack of your friends’ gaming zone online. With this application’s presence, you don’t have to go for different applications to chat, view the progress, and other functions. Xfire provides all these features in a single application.

This application works with the latest games as well, so you will not miss anything. You will be in touch with your friends, and your group can explore new games together.

Apart from figuring out the platform that your friend is using, you can also find if they are currently online or not. So, joining them in the gameplay becomes more comfortable. A powerful server browser is also part of this application.

Additionally, tracking the statistics of the games and the platform for instant messaging are all inherent in this application.

After you have tracked your friends, joining them on the same platform in the same game is just a click away. The application interface is simple.

Overall, Xfire is a way to keep track of your friends playing games online. You can also join them and get several features like instant messaging, stats, etc. for staying connected.

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