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Now you can bypass geographic location information censorship, and access restricted data using XX-Net web proxy. Although the internet was created based on freedom and unrestricted access to information, today’s world has created a situation where some people in some parts of the world are restricted from certain information.

This geographic restriction of information, mostly influenced by political and religious factors, has caused more harm than good, especially to the affected persons.

For instance, a student in unfortunate locations could be denied access to valuable scientific information and proof needed to deliver an authentic thesis.

XX-Net As The Solution To This Challenge

In the quest to find a solution to this global challenge, XX-Net, a proxy utility tool, was designed to bypass this restriction and information censorship created by powerful authorities.

Based on the developer’s description of the proxy tool, it is equipped with the X-tunnel function and the GAE proxy. These proxies provide unrestricted access to banned information.

Being a web-proxy tool enables the user to use it in conjunction with any internet browser without installing any additional programs. The tool is highly compatible with most websites as well as platforms. Also, it supports secured internet connections using HTTPS encryption.

Lastly, you must understand that just like most web-proxy tools, the tool is likely to encounter problems working with JavaScript, Flash Scripts, and complex layouts.


When looking at software, you need to review it on multiple levels. We look at how easy it is to use, how much time it takes to download, and how useful it is.

XX-Net is a valuable tool that helps you with proxies, encryption, and overall internet safety.

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