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It is a specially designed software for helping you to hide your identity. Tuxler can allow you to change your IP address based on different geographical locations that cannot help you keep your identity anonymous while surfing on the internet. Still, it also allows you to get access to the content, which is geographically restricted.

Tuxler VPN is easy to use mainly because of its simple looking and user-friendly interface that lets you browse your choice region, providing you the opportunity to get access to the country region that you would like.

Additionally, the interface’s ease also makes it easier for you to choose when you want your IP address hidden, and when you want it to be in its original form.

You can also choose to change your IP address every few minutes through Tuxler, which is one of the competitive features of this application compared to the other such applications. You can also bypass the browser settings that could restrict you or require your data traffic information using tuxler.

The VPN solution is lightweight and can work comfortably without hindering the other operations of your computer.

Tuxler can hide your identity and browsing by allowing your PC to change the IP addresses frequently.

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