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Supercopier manages transferring files, copying them from one location to another and distributing them. It is available in the tray area of your PC. You don’t have to serve your ample time and changing the locations of your desired file. You can easily do it while your other applications are running.

Moreover, you can choose the target file location and the source location for the transfer of files. You can cancel or skip a particular file during transfer through the small dialogue box that is created at the time of data transfer.

You can even get the advanced features from this application, which allows you to search a particular file, incorporate the drag and drop function and exporting of data to the transfer lists. All these are included in “advanced functions” and can be accessed through the “more” option present in Supercopier.

You can even check the disk space, block size and algorithm to identify the performance of the transfer made by Supercopier. However, the speed of the transfer is not as high as that of the inbuilt function of Windows.

You can enjoy flexibility in the facility of file transfer from one location to another; however, you’ll have to compromise on the speed of the transfer, if you choose Supercopier.

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