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March 29th, 2024 - Free - 100% Safe
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Tablacus Explorer is a tabbed file manager. You can easily and quickly organize your directories and files. By saving them in an XML file, you can bring up the settings quickly again.

Let’s see how this open-source manager can help you with your productivity:

Portable Running Mode

When you download the ZIP file, it will give you two options. There is the 32-bit or the 64-bit version. Because it is portable, you won’t have to install the utility. All you need to do is open the executable (.exe file) and then copy it to something like your USB flash drive.

Great Features, Including Multiple Tabs

It’s relatively simple to get the features running. If you want, you can navigate back and forth between various folders.

It is due to the multi-tab support. We think this is one of the more attractive features that other applications don’t have.

View and Sorting

The developers made sure to include a lot of customizations. You can choose how many folders you want to be visible at one time.

Furthermore, you can change the size of the icons between tiles, content, and details, small, medium, or large.

Search Engine

No file management system would be complete without a search function. That way, you’re only one search away from your essential documents.

Folder-Specific Settings

You might want specific view settings for one folder while editing the others to appear differently. You can select different aspects, such as size, type, name, attributes, attachments, authors, and more.

Folder Groupings

You can further sort your information by type, name, size, and date. You can even choose to display them by the time that they were last modified. The persistent memory in the application is useful.

For instance, during testing, we closed out of the program and opened it back up again. It remembered our tab settings automatically.

Compatible With Plugins

Various add-ons can add functionality. You can install them right from Tablacus itself. It allows you to change around your hotkeys, address bars, and buttons and show the full path of files.

Settings and Configuration

The amount of customization seems endless. You can customize your menus and tabs by size, position, style, and alignment. However, you will want to know what features you want to tweak, as this panel is not for beginners. Luckily, there is an abundance of online resources to help you work through these tweaks.

It won’t be long before you can figure out your problem and get your settings exactly as you want them.

In Conclusion

Tablacus Explorer is a file explorer that meets our expectations. We are particularly impressed by the multi-tab experience.

Sometimes, you want to navigate between different files without losing your place. A second feature that makes it stand above the rest is the ability to remember settings, which you only need to tweak once.

In short, it can help you keep track of your important data without reinventing the wheel.

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