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Prime95 is an easy-to-use and simple program that will appeal to users who like mathematical matters, as it will help them search for Mersenne prime numbers and run the Lucas-Lehmer primality test.

The concept of prime numbers is widely featured in mathematics, but also terms of system stability. These numbers are different from 1, and they are also the numbers that can be divided by both itself and 1.

There are more than thirteen million of these digits, and the numbers are growing as more are getting discovered.

To discover them, you can use a tool like Prime95. It is a simple tool that can be used for a GIMPS project, the Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search network. With it, you’ll be able to find new Mersenne prime numbers, which can be rewarding in itself.

But it also allows you to run system stability tests.

Great for Overclocking

This concept of prime numbers is widely used in technology, especially in the world of computer components. One of the main areas you can see this is in the CPU world, where CPUs can be overclocked using these numbers.

One of this app’s main uses will be for computer enthusiasts who want to stress their CPUs and overclock them.

This tool is widely considered to be among the best in its category. It faces competition from various similar tools, such as Orthos, CPU Free Benchmark, and others.

With the so-called torture test inside this app, you’ll be able to put your CPU and RAM to the test to ensure that you can run various applications on your computer, as well as overclock it.

Rock Solid PC Performance

With Prime95, you’ll be able to ensure your computer runs as smoothly as it should. It will help you conduct stability tests as well as other performance tests.

Beware not to put too much stress on your computer, or you’re risking your components getting broken.


Prime95 is an effective tool that is most commonly used for overclocking and ensuring system stability.

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