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One of the features with the introduction of new technology is the feeling with folks that the older systems would have been better to use. The OldNewExplorer is a good effort at retaining some of the older shells of individual programs. Here the application can bring on the effects of the Windows 7, which can be of comfort to many people and more so with folks that hate changes in life.

So, in essence, the software tool introduces the functional features of the later Windows 8.1 and the Windows 10 while retaining the user interface of the older Windows 7. Even the default drives can be reset to the ones in use with the version 7 and hence brings on better manageability of the system. To the layman user of the computer, the appearances of new programs can be intimidating. Thus it does act to reassure the user to be able to shift back to the earlier mode of presentation if the need so arises. Additionally, it is good to have some choice of the type of interface to use. It does add to the general acceptance of the new system that can be flexible enough to accommodate the different sets of users.

The OldNewExplorer does have its uses when it comes to knowing which operating system version the operator is working with. It does help to speed up the very functioning of the computer to have more familiar settings if it can be done. Personal preferences can, in fact, influence the choice of a computing platform, and the new applications only go to make the use of computers more acceptable.

With the use of still advanced versions of the Windows operating system, the presentation part gets to be more vibrant in the use of graphics. Hence it is more of a more substantial feel to the manner in which the system parameters are made available. It is more to do with the more advanced hardware that is used that enables the retention of some of the properties of the older systems.

If there would be an application like the OldNewExplorer, which can introduce the older and hence the lighter version of systems or even parts of the older systems, then it would undoubtedly be a good thing to have around.

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