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dupeGuru is a great software solution that will help you find duplicate files in your system. The user will be given a chance to select from multiple GUI toolkits.

Thanks to this tool, you will be able to find duplicates on your PC, and it will manage to scan contents and filenames to do so, which means that finding copies won`t be a problem for you.

It will use a fuzzy matching algorithm that can quickly find duplicate files on your device, so you will know what you want to delete and what to keep. It will work well on any device you will decide to use it with, and you will see that the efficiency will be excellent. You can easily find all duplicate files in only a few minutes, thanks to the fuzzy matching algorithm.

It will discover similar filenames and also files that are the same. dupeGuru is an excellent choice for music because it can quickly scan for tags and show music-specific information in the duplicates results window.

It is also good for pictures as dupeGuru has an exclusive feature that can be used to scan duplicate images. It will allow you to find pictures that are similar on your PC and are not the same. It is also a customizable tool that can easily tweak its matching engine with any duplicates it will find.

dupeGuru will also be safe because it has been designed with safety in mind. It will prevent you from deleting files that aren`t meant to be removed.

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