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InputDaddy is a simple and straightforward application that allows you to create scripts that will automate your work process and simplify your work. Some tasks that you might do on a daily basis might be tedious and time-consuming.

This utility takes the grind out of your work by automating tasks such as defragmentation, data cleaning, and opening programs that you need for your work. If you’re looking to automate these tasks and create scripts containing keystrokes, then InputDaddy is an excellent choice.

Create Scripts or Use Pre-Made Scripts

When you decompress the archive of the file, you can start using the application straight away – no installation required. You might be stunned by the old-school interface, but it certainly doesn’t mean that it’s not user friendly. In the window itself, you’ll have access to just about everything you will need to get your scripts done.

For creating new scripts, you can access the upper area of the program, where you have several tools for script creation. You can add script commands, and you will be able to use script execution commands in the lower area of the app.

The app is also very flexible as it allows you to use pre-made scripts that you have downloaded or received from another IT expert. If you’re using the application for pre-existing scripts, you can easily remove the interface and only use the pre-made scripts if you want. However, learning how to make scripts is also possible, as there is a lot of useful information to do just that.


InputDaddy can become a valuable tool for your average working day. It allows you to create or add pre-existing scripts that will automate some important tasks you do throughout the day. You can also easily create new scripts and learn how to make them, as there’s a wealth of information on how to do that.

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