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To transfer files of large size via USB exclusively for ASRock motherboard systems, you can use XFast USB. You need to attach the external storage for copying data via USB.

After that, you only need to copy the data from the computer to the external device, and the file transfer speed will be managed automatically.

XFast USB can help the motherboard recalculate and redirect the information to ensure faster file transfer.

You can have two options to choose from — turbo and normal mode, which allows you to manage the speed of file transfer.

Additionally, XFast USB can provide you with statistics related to the connected device, including the space available, its total size, drive letter, and the information associated with the equipment manufacturer. All this information can prove beneficial while selecting the files to be transferred.

The application can work with all Intel sockets, but the condition of the ASRock motherboard needs to be fulfilled to ensure the best working from this utility. It can also work with USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports and is very efficient when transferring files bigger than 2GB.

Although, you must not expect this application to speed up the entire process of transfer, the speediness of the application can be observed in relative terms, i.e., when you transfer a file without this application.

XFast USB can help you efficiently transfer files if you choose to transfer them via USB.

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