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nvPY is a lightning-fast application for taking notes quickly and for managing your notes with the help of keyboard combinations. Since we often keep computers open all day long, they become the primary way of taking notes. Many people often have too many notes they can handle themselves, which is where an app like it comes very handy.

Notes can be ideas, thoughts, or comprehensive lists of things to do or something to remember. Managing them can be hard.

Lightweight App

This application is made for simplicity. You will not have to install it before you start using it. Instead, launch it and start enjoying the application. Then, you can start taking notes by merely picking a new title.

The interface of the application is clutter-free so that you can focus on the essential notes. It is all about productivity with this app, as you’ll be able to focus on the work instead of adding fancy graphics or effects.

Finding Notes Made Easy

If you are someone who takes many notes throughout the day, then finding your preferred notes might be a challenge. Luckily, this application has a seamless search function where you can type the string you are after, and the application will find it for you. With a mouse click, you can also activate case sensitive search if that is what you prefer.

There is also the regular expression search mode, which might be slightly more detailing, although it might take some more time to find your note. However, this type of search is highly popular as you can search more accurately.

Rendering Markdown or reST to HTML

If you are someone who knows their note apps, then you will appreciate the advanced features this app has to offer. One of the more demanding features is the rendering of Markdown content to HTML. Also, you can enable continuous rendering to HTML if that’s what you’re after.

You can also render reST to HTML with nvPY. All the while, you can do so with some hotkeys of your choice.

Overall, nvPY is a must for those who like to keep their notes organized and find their preferred notes quickly.

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