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NoMachine provides the fastest and the most secure way of sharing your desktop with the other desktops around the world. You can watch videos, go for listening to music or accomplish a task together through the remote sharing of your desktop with the other users. You don’t necessarily need a computer for sharing your desktop. It can work on a range of devices including mobile phones. Such a facility enables you to print the file present on your local computer to any printer.

All the associated drives including the hard drives and pen drives attached to your computer can be available for use using NoMachine. Moreover, sharing files or inviting others to collaborate on your system is all amongst the features of this beautiful application.

You can even record the activities of your desktop computer for sharing it with others usually for teaching or sharing some specific information. You can use it for personal and business usage as well. Depending on your needs, you’ll have to get the required package.

NoMachine is an application to make your experience machine free literally. You can access your computer from anywhere around the world if you have this application installed.

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