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February 12th, 2023 - Free - 100% Safe
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Angry IP Scanner is a lightweight IP scanner that can scan the IPs and send pings to the selected IPs to ensure they are still alive.

Checking your network for connected IP addresses can be important to promote network stability and safety. Sometimes, you might notice that there are some unwanted IPs connected and some IP addresses that serve no purpose because they are inactive. In that case, you can optimize the network and remove any IP.

And with the Angry IP Scanner, you’ll know what IP addresses are connected to your network.

It’s a simple and lightweight tool that will serve most users well, even beginners.

It has a simple interface that lets you do the scans quickly and ensures that the IP addresses connected to your network work as they should.

Fast Scanning of IP Addresses

You have to note that this utility will work quickly, but you might need a decent computer to enable that. Because it can consume quite a lot of resources when it’s open, and it works quickly.

You can conduct simple and quick scans or scan entire IP families, in which case, the scan can take a bit longer.

IP Scanning Solutions

Also, you’ll have additional functions that will enable you to scan your network. For instance, you’ll be able to select a certain IP address and ensure it is alive. It will do that by sending pings to the IP address.

And if it’s not alive, you’ll be able to terminate and declutter your network of unwanted addresses. The scanning speeds are optimized through separate threads. With this program’s help, you can export the results to CSV, TXT, HML, and IP-Port files.

You can also trace each entry on the list using Windows Shares, FTP, or Telnet.

This feature lets you see additional details about each IP, including currently logged user, workgroup details, computer name, and MAC address.


Angry IP Scanner is a handy and lightweight application that can scan all the IP addresses connected to your network.

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