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November 14th, 2019 - Free - 100% Safe
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Using this application, you can set up your gaming profiles and separate accounts for movies, etc. on MSI gaming stations. Apart from the creation of different profiles for different purposes, you can check the performance of the notebook through this utility. Some of the performance indicators that can be measured through MSI Dragon Center include the data related to CPU, RAM, and GPU.

In this video you can watch a detailed features’ overview and the setup guide:

It also supports an App Portal where management of different application of the notebook can be organized and managed based on your needs. You can customize features such as brightness, fan speed, battery usage, the color of the screen, etc. for each profile so that you can enjoy each of the functions performed in your computer in the best possible way.

Information related to BIOS, a manufacturer of the computer and other relevant information comes in handy with this application. Access to online help and backing up are some of the other features that are provided by this application. Synchronization between your phone and desktop is also supported so that you can access all your important files anywhere easily.

MSI Dragon Center can serve you by providing you access to making different profiles for using your notebook in an efficient way to get the maximum advantage from your device.

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