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October 5th, 2023 - Free - 100% Safe
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Windows Virtual PC is an application to helps you run several different virtual Windows operating systems on a single computer.

Efficient Virtualization for Multiple Operating Systems

It is a versatile application that enables users to run various virtual Windows operating systems seamlessly on a single computer.

This powerful tool facilitates testing and experimentation with different Windows instances.

It offers a user-friendly experience, eliminating the need for specific hardware requirements making it accessible on virtually any computer.

Enhancing Productivity with Windows

Among its notable features, Windows Virtual PC boasts USB support and redirection, multithreading support, and Windows Explorer integration.

Additionally, it offers functionalities like mouse cursor sharing, time synchronization, and clipboard smart card file sharing, enhancing your ability to manage and utilize multiple virtual Windows environments efficiently.

Windows Virtual PC emerges as a valuable application for users seeking to streamline their computing experience by seamlessly running and managing diverse virtual Windows operating systems.


Windows Virtual PC is an efficient application to run your computer’s different virtual Windows operating systems.

It is a powerful solution for simplifying the management of multiple Windows operating systems on a single computer. Its accessibility across various hardware configurations makes it a versatile choice for users with varying system setups.

Moreover, the application’s feature-rich environment, including USB support, multithreading capabilities, and seamless integration with Windows Explorer, ensures a productive and efficient virtualization experience.

With Windows Virtual PC, users can explore and test different Windows instances effortlessly, offering a valuable tool for developers, IT professionals, and anyone seeking to harness the benefits of running multiple operating systems without needing additional hardware.

Whether running experiments, conducting compatibility tests, or simply looking to enhance your productivity, it offers a user-friendly platform for achieving your multi-OS goals.

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