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If you are a gaming master, you’ll have to use DirectX on your computer if you want to play your favorite games. However, if you like old classic games and you have an older computer, you will need DirectX 9, which provides Pixel Shader and Vertex Shader as the two prominent features with many other benefits.

Firstly, it contains multi-threading facility, which can enhance the visible detailing for the gamers in the video games.

Secondly, the feature of Direct Compute has been provided by DirectX 9 to improve the gaming functions on a PC along with the improvement of general operations of the computer including the video editing, document processing, etc. It improves the overall performance and productivity of your computer leading to excessive time-saving.

To get DirectX 9 function at its best, you need a video card which complies with it.

Overall, DirectX 9 is a must-have application if you are a gamer. It will not only help in improving the gaming but the non-gaming experience as well.

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