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Monflo is designed to provide you with remote access to your computer to capture your video game easily. It requires the installation of the client app on the system that you want to access remotely. You’ll need to connect with the server to get this application running correctly.

The installation of the application and its configuration are not complicated at all. A straightforward process won’t require much of your time.

Additionally, you can even access more than one computer through this application. The configuration allows for simply adding multiple computers. In case you don’t get access to various computers, you can refresh the application, and it will work adequately.

With Monflo, you can have direct and quick access to the gaming computer. It will help in having instant access so that you can play your game from wherever you like.

But one of the things that you’ll have to take care of while using this application is that you must have a strong internet connection.

Without a reliable internet connection, you won’t be able to access the computer or play it.

Going for the full-screen mode for playing the game is also possible through Monflo. You can get access to this mode automatically, but you’ll have to adjust the settings. Moreover, you can even switch to the windowed mode as well. Activating hotkeys is also possible in this regard.

Monflo can provide you with an easy opportunity to access your computer remotely, especially for playing games.

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