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MTPuTTY, or multi-tabbed PuTTY, is a relatively small application that can act as your SSH client, especially for users who use PuTTY regularly and need a reliable SSH client.

When you want to run multiple instances of PuTTY on your computer, you’ll need a powerful SSH client to help you do that. It is a reliable application that many users that use PuTTY regularly love.

It’s their go-to application because it’s a great blend of features and reliability.

Tabbed Interface

MTPuTTY will wrap all of the processes and instances you have open with PuTTY into a neat tabbed interface. It will not require you to open new windows every time you establish a connection, saving you a lot of time and hassle.

The app is user-friendly, provided that you know your way around these connections. It also comes with some advanced and additional features that you’d come to expect from such an application.

For instance, you’ll get from an SSH client, including Telnet support, Rlogin, Raw, and other sessions.

Automation and More

Moreover, MTPuTTY can be very neat when you want to automate some of your tasks. It will help you save time when you want to create new connections, and many users will appreciate this app’s automation options.

It helps you become more productive and get more stuff done.

Additional features also make the tool worth using. For instance, you’ll also have other functions such as smart code, automatic typing of scripts, passwords, detachable PuTTY windows, tabs, and easy termination of these tabs.

It can also be automated if you want, which shows why many users prefer this app for their PuTTY tasks.

It’s an advanced tool and easy enough to use if you know how to use these connections.


The SSH client, MTPuTTY, will appeal to many users who work with PuTTY connections daily.

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