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MediaElch is a multimedia manager for movies, TV series, concerts, and music. It allows you to easily download missing images from well-known websites to load missing information, and create NFO files for Kodi.

Managing your massive multimedia library can be tough sometimes. Because you have so many different multimedia types, it can become confusing if you don’t manage all the files correctly. That’s why you need a place where all of this is handled in one place.

Clean and Easy to Use

Once you launch the application, you’ll soon notice just how clean the interface looks. It mainly consists of white color, and there are smoothly-colored buttons that represent what actions you can take. At first, you need to select the multimedia root directory to get started. Then, the app will automatically load all of the content from there.

When you’re selecting the clips you want to have in the working window, you can easily sort them into categories. If you select one category for a multimedia file, let’s say music, then the app will load all of those files, so you will need to sort all of them out to find your file.

Supports Many Types of Media

Another great thing about this app is that you’ll use and customize many different multimedia file types with this tool. It will load most video file types, including AVI, MPG, MOV, and FLV. You’ll be able to see the metadata of the file clearly in the information tab.

Additionally, you’ll be able to view information about the file you’re viewing, which is gathered from various websites, such as IMDB, or Cinefacts, for example. There are several parameters that you can set in this category.


MediaElch is an all-in-one multimedia manager that allows you to control and organize different multimedia file types, including videos, movies, music, and more.

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2.6.7 (Build 2020-10-24)
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53.27 MB
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Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7

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