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October 16th, 2020 - Free - 100% Safe
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For viewing different videos over your network through the Ivideon server, you need Ivideon Client. The server along with this application creates video surveillance that can be used for keeping a close eye on remote locations whether it is your home, some specific room, or the workplace,

Through Ivideon Client, you can connect up to 36 cameras so that you can monitor all the activity in your vicinity easily. The grid view in the single window provides you with the necessary ease to keep an eye everywhere at all times.

You can add new cameras to this network using the drag and drop function, so you don’t have to go through the hectic configuration settings that are required by the other applications.

Ivideon Client can also be used in full screen so that you can focus on single-camera footage. Customizing the layouts according to your requirements, is also possible. You can even save the various layouts that you have created and access them later.

You don’t need to get the video feed live all the time. You can record it for watching it later. Additionally, exporting it on the other file formats is also possible through Ivideon Client. You can manage playback options, audio features, and volume levels easily.

One of the drawbacks of Ivideon Client is that you might have to lower the video’s quality to allow non-stop streaming of the videos from all the cameras.

It can be used as a monitoring application when combined with Ivideon servers. Various features associated with it make it one of the best surveillance applications.

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