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August 30th, 2023 - Free - 100% Safe
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LED Player is an application that will enable you to control LED technology, allowing you to control the various effects of the technology and a matrix editor, and more.

LED technology is one of the world’s most widely used lighting technologies. It’s very popular for home setups and for a variety of users who want an easy way to customize their room or the appearance of a room or a setting.

To help you control the LEDs, you’ll be able to use an application like LED Player. This tool is fully compatible with DMX512.

It will enable you to control several aspects of using the application, such as RGB controls, matrix editor, pan and tilt movements, and various effects of LED technology.

A Neat Array of Features

It has some neat features that will enable you to control how your LED lighting works and performs. You’ll be able to customize several aspects of the performance of your LEDs, such as the RGB lighting, the appearance of the LED, and more.

You’ll also be able to create profiles, making it easier to use some settings that you prefer based on your mood.

To create a profile, you’ll be able to provide the name of the profile, choose the shape of the beam, see in the 2D window in the tool, and change various aspects of the lighting.

After you’re satisfied with the LED, you’ll save the profile and use it in the future, which provides you with an easy way of using the app.

Matrix Editor and More

It also has some neat features for editing and creating LED lighting, giving you more freedom to set up your LED system and how you want it to appear.


LED Player is a comprehensive tool for managing LED systems and creating profiles that you prefer to use, giving you complete freedom of how your LED system looks and performs.

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