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With FireAlpaca, you’ll edit and add layers to your images and use some other advanced features for image manipulation, which come with this free-to-use tool and a simple interface.

In its essence, FireAlpaca is a relatively complex editing tool that offers you some advanced and also basic tools for image editing. It’s free to use, and it’s great to use if you don’t have that much experience dealing with similar kinds of applications.

The great thing about it is that it also has much going for it if you want to use some more advanced tools, too.

Neatly Organized Interface

These image editing applications might all seem too complex for beginners at first, which this utility also does. But once you get deeper into it, you’ll find that the interface is actually neatly organized, and it focuses mostly on the user experience.

You can select how you organize your interface to customize your experience.

For example, you can only select which toolbars and menus you want to have in your interface. It is useful if you only intend to use some tools, while others you think you will never use and might get in the way of your experience.

It is very useful if you want to customize your interface and improve your organization.

A Good Array of Brushes and Tools

FireAlpaca boasts some impressive tools and features, especially for a free application like it is. You can use various brushes that will apply multiple effects, making it useful for both basic and advanced image editing and drawing.

What is more, you can also create layers that you can use to organize your work, which can become handy once you’ve applied many different effects and brushes already.

This layered approach gives you a chance to stay organized with the work you do, too.


FireAlpaca is a free to use image editing and drawing tools that come with basic and advanced editing tools.

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