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Wizardbrush allows you to explore your creativity as it is a drawing app with several tools and features, such as multi-layer features, additional brushes, and much more.

Do you like drawing using digital tools? Then you’d want to have a tool that will let you explore the full creativity of your work by offering you the most features possible. Drawing is a great hobby because it allows you to constantly improve and create better outcomes, especially if you like to explore new possibilities.

It’s a drawing tool that lets you use several features to become creative.

It has a user-friendly interface and several features appropriate for beginners and experts – one of the most popular being the multi-layer features.


An important aspect of choosing the right drawing tool should be the ease of use and the accessibility of the application.

The good thing with Wizardbrush is that it’s very easy to use and accessible to all users, including beginners because it’s so easy to learn and master. It comes with a simple interface to work with.

You can retouch the painting or the photo with only a few clicks. The layers are very important; you can create an image using multiple layers.

Your work will be more efficient using this new layer system as a professional image editing application.

A Wealth Drawing Tools

You’ll be able to use drawing tools like brush, airbrush, paint tube, oil paintbrush, red-eye removal, chalk, magic wand, and others. Wizardbrush also does well in terms of drawing features and tools it has to offer. You can also work with several layers when you opt for this drawing tool.

Then, we should also mention that you have many options for setting up the canvas to your preferences.

You can change the canvas and image size, flip and rotate pictures, transform layers, and apply filters that enable you to explore different types of work, grayscale, sharpening tools, and several others.


Wizardbrush is a complete drawing tool with several advanced tools and an easy-to-use interface that makes it simple for you to use, enhance your creativity, and become an even better painter.

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