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If you are interested in some anti-spy applications so you can protect yourself better, then you may give DoNotSpy10 utility a try. This app has the disadvantage of having a third-party app bundled to it, but if you ignore that, it can be an easy to understand computer utility.

You can make a few security changes to your Windows 10 with only the click of a button. Some of the things you are going to see in this DoNotSpy10 are easy, but some of them can be over the top. By just putting your mouse over the settings, you can get a broad understanding of what each parameter does.

You can spend a few minutes going from setting to setting to see what it does. You can check the wanted settings, or if you change your mind, you can click on “Discard” so you can review your changes.

You can go for the most comfortable way, and that is to check all, and take notice that blue is considered safe to be checked, yellow is questionable and red is probably not a good idea. In the end, all you have to do is to click on “Apply“. It is advised to click on Restart so all of your settings can be saved.

If you get into trouble, you can try out the “Restore” feature, so all of the features are going to be restored to their previous settings.

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