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February 19th, 2023 - Free - 100% Safe
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To secure your data, hide your identity, and keep browsing traffic private, you must use this application to get an encrypted connection. Doffen SSH Tunnel ensures your device does not connect to the server directly.

Instead, the connection is made through an operation called port forwarding.

It helps create a tunnel through which the original location of your connection is not accessible by anyone. This application is best if you need to access public connections.

With this application, you can have better control over the tunnels. Moreover, you can even manage your sessions. You can also manage specific settings of your application depending on your needs.

To initiate the SSH tunnel, you need to put in the host details, user name, password, SSH file password, and key password, and you will be set to go. You will not have to add the master password every time for one-time access, so once you have established the connection, you can manage it with minor interruptions.

Doffen SSH Tunnel is an application to provide you with encrypted access to networks and connections.

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