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Do you want to improve your drawing skills quickly and efficiently? Then you can use DesignDoll, an application that acts as a 3D simulator that will help you teach the human form and thus study how to draw better.

If you’re learning how to draw or an artist that you do this for a living, you know how important it is to learn from the right sources. Having a nice source for reference can help you get some ideas for your work and learn from that work.

DesignDoll can act as your reference when it comes to 3D models. It is a 3D simulator that will help you teach the human form effectively.

Even though many artists still swear by traditional sources for art, there is no denying that digital sources are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

Learn the Human Form Effectively

The main feature of this software is to help you learn and study the human body. It is one of the tougher concepts in art, and this application does a great job of teaching you to study and master it perfectly.

It is a simulator of wooden manikins that many artists still use in their physical form to study and learn human form.

It makes it easy to see and move the doll around as you study the human form. You’ll get separate controls for each joint, too.

Most of the time, this app works smoothly to help you select your desired joints, but you might need to re-select your joint after some time. That way, you can control each segment nicely.

Control Each Segment

You can also study separate parts and specific parts of the body. This way, you’ll learn particular body parts, giving you more control over the mannequin body, where you can zoom in and study them in more detail.


DesignDoll allows you to study 3D manikins to explore the human body and master it.

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