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Awake has been designed to keep your computer away from sleep or hibernation even after extended usage. It can keep your device active even if you change your computer’s sleep and hibernation settings.

It is a free and lightweight application to help you in enhancing your overall productivity. Accessing this application is simple, and it is always available in the tray. The context menu is its entire interface, so using it won’t be a problem.

It does not require any modification in the settings of your system. Instead, this application resets the timing of your idle time calculator so that your computer can stay asleep for the period you want.

Using this application, you can keep your computer idle for as much time as you want or even run a program in the background without worrying about the computer’s idle time.

Another feature you can get through Awake is that you can turn off the screen of your computer with a simple keyboard shortcut. So, you’ll still be simultaneously saving your system resources and keeping your productivity level high.

Awake is a program to keep your computer running irrespective of your computer’s hibernation and sleep settings.

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