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August 16th, 2018 - Free - 100% Safe
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ASUS Fan Xpert is used by gamers from all over the world to customize their fan control. It is a simple to use tool and it will be easy to install it without any problem. This tool is one of the bets available for customizing the fan tool the way you want and this software allows you to calibrate and also to customize your performance of your entire case fan setup.

This tool offers the user the possibility to mix and match AI Suite II versions and you should also know that this software will automatically detect the components and only update the latest version if you choose it. It has a simple to use interface which can be used in any situations without any problem.

You can select Fan Xpert from the Tools, and this will load the main screen. It will be possible to quickly choose a specific fan from Fan Name drop-down menu, and all of the settings can be used without any problem. The setting menu will be available on the right. You can even test your settings and calibrate your fan the way you would like because this one will offer you this possibility.

The calibration will work with 4-pin PWM fans, but as you will see it will also be able to make use of the 3-pin fans as well if you decide to use this one out. If you don`t calibrate, this tool will offer you the chance to take advantage of the custom settings and these settings will also work fine and without any problem. The user can easily customize the curve to slow down at lower temperatures and also to cut noise.

With ASUS Fan Xpert will also be possible to customize the tool to increase speed as the heat does gradually and this can be done with ease. In order to make all of the desired changes, you will need to click on apply. This tool will be great because it will offer you a lot of information regarding your fans and you will like that pretty much.

You can take advantage of this ASUS Fan Xpert, and you will see that this tool is going to work well in any situations and you will love it. Have fun with this one and manage to take advantage of it every time you would like to customize your own fan the way you want.

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