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May 28th, 2020 - Free - 100% Safe
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AI Image Enlarger can help you enlarge your smaller photos or those with low resolution. It accomplishes this in an impressive fashion. It doesn’t lose any quality and automates this process for you.

Solves a Common Problem

Typically, when you go to enlarge a picture, it will lose a lot of quality. It can be devastating if you depend on the image quality. This goes for web designers, marketers, or other professionals who need high-quality photos. Luckily, athis app can fix this problem, almost in a magical way.

Different Than Other Software

It is unique in its ability to achieve enlargement without a loss of resolution. Other software like this will struggle with the task. Thanks to AI and machine learning, the app can exceed expectations, as it did when we tested it on a variety of photographs.

Little Effort or Knowledge Needed

You can enlarge your image and enhance the quality with some simple steps. It is only necessary to download the desktop GUI and follow the steps.

First, you upload your image. This is incredibly easy. All we had to do was drag and drop it. Secondly, you choose your desired style. You can even preview it at this step to ensure that the photo will come out the way you imagined. Lastly, just download the new and enlarged image. Something to note is that you need to be working with images that are no larger than 800×750 in terms of resolution.

Easy Installation

With some software like this, there is a painful process associated with installing it. We found that this wasn’t the case with installing AI Image Enlarger. We were pleasantly surprised by how easy it was. However, we must note that it is necessary to have .NET on your current computer.

Multiple Image Styles

When you have the application up and running, you will notice various styles that you can choose from. There is Photo, Artwork, Face, and High-Grade. As you might imagine, High-Grade is for the best overall quality. However, it takes the longest to render. We suggest using this for photos that simply must have the highest quality possible. Typically, the Face setting is sufficient for professional work photos or portraits. You will also be able to select two ratios: 2x (200%) or 4x (400%).

Surprisingly Effective

Before we tried this app, we were a bit skeptical. However, our tests yielded very positive results. It is safe to say that this software worked much better than we could have anticipated.

In Summary

When looking at photo enhancement software, we frankly haven’t found a better solution that can increase the size of smaller photos without sacrificing quality. The tool is efficient and doesn’t take up much size. We especially loved the ability to tweak different settings. Sometimes you need to simply enlarge a small photo quickly, whereas other times, you can wait longer for better resolution. If you need absolute quality when dealing with your images, then you won’t regret downloading AI Image Enlarger for your needs.

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