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CreaToon allows you to make 2D animations, customize them as much as you want, and enhance them with special effects. The interface has been designed to provide you easy access to various features. However, you can access all those features with a neat layout, which is one of the advantages of CreaToon that keeps the artist in you alive.

Setting up the frames per second, the height and width of the frame are all customizable. You don’t have to access other applications for getting these features. You can adjust the format of your output file too.

It supports the addition of sound effects for your animations, so you can pull the creative mind out and make the best possible animations. Saving these animations is ensured automatically. However, you can manually save all the files and change the automatic saving feature of creation.

The customizability of individual features such the brush strokes makes the working easy and more realistic on this platform. Additionally, it enables the layering feature. Thus you can make modifications in your animations in a more natural way.

One of the limitations of CreaToon is that it is paid software; however, by using the unlocking applications, you can gain free access to this tool. But you’ll require some technical expertise in this regard.

The easy to use features and extensive customizability are the essential aspects of CreaToon that have kept this application alive.

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