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February 26th, 2023 - Free - 100% Safe
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ACG Player is a free and universal multimedia player only available for Windows 10. It has many useful and exciting features that help you easily manage your multimedia library.

First, ACG Player is only available for Windows 10 devices. It’s a media player with a lot of fantastic and unique features. As such, it will play videos and music, although it’s capable of much more than that.

You can add audio and video effects, create art font subtitles, render videos, use the more advanced features, and listen to the background music.

A Good Mixture of Features

This app has the necessary multimedia playing capabilities but takes them to another level with its unique and fantastic list of features.

You can customize art font subtitles with a lovely customizer to create individual subtitles.

Additionally, you can use the Art EQ Visualizer tool to preview your work. With the musical fireworks and interactive music animation tool, you can customize audio files and create new ones.

You can also add dance effects to the media you create here.

Touchscreen Wipe Controls

Controlling the app with your touch is easy. You can use the two-finger scale and move tool, allowing you to move your files with two fingers quickly. You can use the interactive touchscreen wipe controls to customize and change your files.

You can add a bunch of video and audio effects to the multimedia. You can use the background music player along the way to make your creation process even more relaxed.

It’s a lightweight tool that’s free to use, so you can also expect some ads to pop up.


ACG Player is a media player that offers a set of unique tools for customizing your media.

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