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Angry IP Scanner
Date added: November, 20th 2017 - (Freeware)
Angry IP Scanner is a cross-platform IP address and port scanner working without installation. After it pings each IP address and thus checks whether it is alive or ...
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Date added: December, 7th 2017 - (Trial)
Charles is a HTTP proxy, monitor and reverse proxy that enables developers to view HTTP and SSL traffic coming from and to their machine. Web browsers access ...
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CrossLoop 2.82
Date added: January, 21st 2012 - (Freeware)
CrossLoop is a completely free remote support tool. Its main function is giving access to a colleague or a friend to your computer in order to offer help ...
DNS Angel 1.5
Date added: May, 25th 2017 - (Freeware)
As technology has evolved and became more and more accessible, it gets really difficult for parents to protect their children from harmful and inappropriate online content. When ...
DNS Jumper 2.1
Date added: January, 9th 2017 - (Freeware)
DNS Jumper is a helpful tool that allows users to change DNS settings automatically, which usually leads to increasing Internet browsing speed. Also, using this tool, users can ...
Dukto R6
Date added: July, 23rd 2013 - (Open Source)
Dukto is a lightweight and easy-to-use file transfer tool specifically designed for LAN use. The whole transfer process consists of a drag and drop operation. Licensed under GPL, ...
Fiddler 5.0.20173.50948
Date added: December, 17th 2017 - (Freeware)
Fiddler monitors HTTP/ HTTPs traffic coming from or to all apps that make use of a proxy like IE, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and others. As a free ...
Date added: November, 30th -0001 - (Demo)
Hamachi is a hosted virtual private network service that creates safe LAN-like networks and grants access to them to teams, mobile workers and even gamers. Networks can be ...
inSSIDer Free
Date added: December, 18th 2013 - (Freeware)
inSSIDer maps wireless hotspots and displays MAC addresses, the type of encryption used, channel and signal strength. Intended to be a troubleshooting tool for Wi-Fi users, this software ...
Date added: September, 8th 2017 - (Freeware)
KiTTY is an improved alternative to PuTTY, a free SSH, Rlogin and Telnet client. While adding the possibility to organize multiple sessions into folders, this tool also implements ...
NetSetMan 4.6.0
Date added: December, 4th 2017 - (Freeware)
NetSetMan is a network settings manager that helps users easily switch between preconfigured internet profiles. It brings together all network settings already available in Windows and adds several ...
NetworkMiner 2.1.1
Date added: May, 2nd 2017 - (Freeware)
NetworkMiner is a Network Forensic Analysis Tool or NFAT designed to be used as a passive network sniffer, in other terms as a packet capturing tool. It can ...
PuTTY 0.70
Date added: July, 12th 2017 - (Freeware)
PuTTY is a free software client for SSH, Telnet and Rlogin network protocols. In simple terms, it is a remote connectivity solution, sending commands to any chosen Windows ...
Simple Port Forwarding 3.8.5
Date added: January, 9th 2017 - (Freeware)
Port forwarding is very important, especially when you want to play online games and your Internet connection is provided by a router. The Web server connection needs ...
SoftPerfect Network Scanner 7.1.2
Date added: November, 27th 2017 - (Demo)
SoftPerfect Network Scanner is a multi-threaded IP, NetBIOS and SNMP scanner created for system administrators and general users that are very fond of internet security. The program can ...
TeamViewer 13.0.6447
Date added: December, 18th 2017 - (Freeware)
TeamViewer is one of the most used and best know remote support and online meeting application with over 100 million users worldwide and an incredible free functionality. Whereas ...
Date added: April, 10th 2017 - (Open Source)
TightVNC is a free remote control software suite. Whereas scoring low at security features, as all traffic is sent unencrypted, this tool is still straightforward and easy-to-use. It ...
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Date added: January, 22nd 2018 - (Freeware)
UltraVNC remotely displays the screen of another computer and lets users control that PC from another location. This remote control software is an efficient solution when you need ...
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VNC 6.2.0
Date added: November, 14th 2017 - (Freeware)
VNC Connect allows remote access and cross-platform control connections between computers. The tool also comes with different viewers for Android, Chrome, and iOS. Whereas no servers are needed ...
Date added: December, 4th 2017 - (Freeware)
Wireshark is a network protocol analyzer that has become a standard across several industries. Supported protocols are still growing, the number going by the hundreds. It can do ...
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