Ubiquiti UniFi Controller

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Ubiquiti UniFi Controller is a device management tool that will help you manage your Ubiquity hardware and devices, control them remotely, diagnose problems, and visualize them easily.

If you have Ubiquity hardware and devices, then you can use this utility. It’s designed to help you manage your Ubiquity devices remotely and easily, without having to use multiple apps. It’s designed by Ubiquity Networks, which is one of the largest manufacturers of wireless hardware and data communication tools.

Manage Your Ubiquiti Devices

The main role and purpose of this application are to control and manage the Ubiquity devices that you might own remotely and quickly. It can be used for all devices you might have at home, your office, or in your business complex.

It is primarily used for many devices simultaneously, but it can also work for single devices.

Ubiquiti UniFi Controller was designed for organizations and larger companies that have many Ubiquity devices at the same time. It doesn’t work as a standalone application when you install it on your computer.

Instead, you’ll have to log into your account, and then you’ll see that it will open a separate window in your browser where you can make the changes.

Tweak and Improve Your Hardware

With this app, you’ll be able to monitor Ubiquity hardware from one place. Here, you can diagnose some problems that commonly happen to these devices, easily and from one place.

You can also manage several devices at the same time if you want. It’s great for larger networks but also smaller networks with just one device.

You can handle several parameters of your networks and tweak them, such as administration settings, domain settings, management of domains, and other tools that may be used to get the most performance possible out of your network. It’s easy to use for both beginners and advanced users.


Ubiquiti UniFi Controller is an app designed by Ubiquity to manage and control your network’s hardware, and it’s suitable for larger networks especially.

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