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StylePix offers for free what other similar or even not so advanced solutions do. Enough is to mention the user interface that scores higher than most of these software apps will ever score, as it is unimaginably easy to use and elegantly designed.

Enhance and restore tools cover burn, dodge, blur, sharpen, saturate and desaturate and the text tools let you type and edit text on the canvas itself. While enabling users to modify and personalize the text in numerous ways, the text tool provides support for a huge variety of languages.

Selection tools, layers, brushes and styles remain highly precise and realistic. And let’s not forget about the built-in image viewer, incredibly intuitive and full of features, such as compare and edit tabs or slideshow.
StylePix features and benefits:
• png, jpg, bmp, tif, gif, tga file formats are supported
• Multiple files can be opened simultaneously
• Multi-level undo-redo support, and action list display
Zoom in/out and the full-screen view and guides, rulers, grid support
• Thumbnail, histogram and waveform view for current editing image
• Auto-range, color-range, and rectangular, circular, polygonal, lasso area selection, and transformation options
20 kinds of blending modes
Color picker with HSV color model
• Multi-layer and group support


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