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If you want to change the way your loudspeaker works, you’ll need a dedicated tool to do it. With WinISD, you’ll be able to make your loudspeaker enclosures and also improved existing ones. You can create any speakers – from sound cabinets to larger woofer boxes.

You have a ton of choices with the app, although it’s worth mentioning that it’s appropriate for more advanced users.

Modify and configure your loudspeaker enclosure with this tool’s help, which is a tool for advanced users to make changes to your speakers and calculate different filters you can employ on them.

Some Prior Knowledge Required

To get the most out of this tool, you’ll need to know something about the way speakers work and their features. Of course, you can also learn it using this tool, but most of the features inside are quite complex. The good thing is that WinISD makes it easy for more advanced users to make changes, though.

With the tool, you’ll have the ability to create your loudspeaker enclosures. The tool will only calculate functioning parameters and generate plots, which helps you get important information to design your loudspeaker enclosure.

There are many technical terms and jargon inside, though, which makes it a more advanced tool.

Create Custom or Use Preset Speaker Drivers

You can use your custom driver configuration with this tool if you want. Or else, you can even use presets that are attainable inside. Inside the tool, you’ll also find some important guidelines to give you the crucial information you need to create enclosures.

You can determine and calculate box shapes and sizes easily, giving you a better idea of how your soundbox would work, for example.

You can also configure each property of the current model you’re creating. You can change the power level or even change the speaker distance.

You can change the number of drivers, too, and configure various filters inside the tool.


WinISD is an advanced tool that lets you configure and create your loudspeaker enclosures.

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