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With ASIO4ALL, you can manage your WDM devices on older versions of Windows, as it will provide you with support for ASIO-based drivers regardless of your operating system.

One of the WDM driver’s main functions is to give you the option to have an interface for your basic audio adapter card normally found on a system bus. It is often a problem with older versions of the Windows operating system, where WDM files are not properly recognized, and thus, you cannot manage them.

With ASIO4ALL, you can recognize and manage your WDM devices even on older Windows systems. It uses advanced Kernel solutions and features to recognize WDM drives and provide them even if you have an old Windows system installed.

Simple and Effective for WDM Drivers

Please note that you’ll need a WDM driver for your piece of hardware before using this application. From there, the installation of this tool will be quick and painless. You won’t experience any problems, as the installation is as standard as it gets.

When you start the app, it will also begin with one of the provided ASIO drivers. You’ll see the icon in the system tray, from where you can manage your drivers and this application. You can launch it by clicking on the icon, which is easy even if you don’t have access to a control panel.

In the app, you’ll have several configuration modes to help you better manage your WDM drives. For instance, you can opt for the Advanced mode, allowing you to configure the WDM drivers in more detail.

You can opt for the Basic configuration scheme that will take most of the work away from you, where you can see a list of WDM devices.


ASIO4ALL allows you to easily configure your WDM drivers and see them in more detail, even on older Windows versions. Before you use the app, please read through the provided documentation to get a good grip on it.

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